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Shenzhen has the technology Co., LTD. Was established in early 2001, is the United States has the international of subsidiary companies, the specialty is engaged in the PCB spindle maintenance and spare parts supply.
The quality for this, the service is supreme, the everything for customers, has "from the original technology a few people, in a short span of three years, to more than 100 employees, more than 400 customers, and gradually become the PCB industry spindle maintenance and spare parts of the main supplier, got 80% of the country's PCB manufacturer and rig manufacturer recognition and affirmation.
The wei precision manufacturing (shenzhen) Co., LTD is located shenzhen has the technology Co., LTD. Of the partner of the company, was founded in May of 2002, the introduction of key raw materials, components, the introduction of high precision production and testing equipment, the introduction of the key technology and production technology, in the United States and Germany perennial hire spindle

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Reserved: the wei precision manufacturing (shenzhen) Co., LTD
Address: guangdong province shenzhen nanshan district shekou industrial seven road 1478 federation of returned overseas Chinese building three-layer laminated south tower
Phone:0755-26670895 Tel:0755-26671823